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Russell Lynch is the President & Owner of M.A.X. Muzzleloader Accuracy Xperts, LLC. and Lynch Outdoors, Inc., the parent company of Bud & Betty Hunting Calls and Lynch Outdoors Video Productions.

At M.A.X., we were hunters first.

Russell grew up hunting every game animal the state of Arkansas had to offer. He killed his first whitetail at the age of 11 and that hunt has lasted his entire life. He has now hunted big game all over the United States and Russell and his family have been involved in the hunting industry since they began their game call company, Bud & Betty Hunting Calls in 1996 and their video productions company, Lynch Outdoors Video Productions in 2004.

With an extensive shooting history, Russell began hunting and target shooting at a young age shooting shotguns, rifles and pistols. His quest for pinpoint rifle accuracy attracted him to reloading, where he realized what attention to detail with ammunition and keeping a rifle clean could do for accuracy. His friends recognized his knack for shooting and he soon became the “go to guy” for sighting-in his buddies deer rifles. In addition, Russell began shooting Broadhead archery competitions and became successful with that.
At 21, he joined the United States Marine Corps, along with his wife Kathy (of three years at the time) on the "Buddy System" and they headed out to Parris Island, South Carolina. The Boot Camp Rifle Range was exciting to Russell as it was his first experience at a real range and he qualified as an Expert Marksman. As an Infantry Rifleman, Russell traveled the world and although his opportunities to hunt game were drastically reduced, he did have plenty of rifle time, earning the respect of his fellow Marines and it wasn't long before he was singled out to attend United States Marine Corps Scout Sniper School at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. This is where he learned the true definition of the word “accurate”.

When he was transferred to the Charleston Naval Weapons Station in Goose Creek, South Carolina, a Polaris Missile Facility Atlantic (POMFLANT) handling guided missiles for submarines, Russell was one of the Range Officers and also one of the Base Game Wardens. His hunting time increased significantly.

Russell's continued excellence at the range was noticed by the Marine Corps Shooting Team and he was temporarily attached to the "Summer Team". Without understanding the significance of his achievement at the time, Russell then went on to earn the title of Nationally Distinguished with a Pistol in one summer, only the second Marine in USMC history to ever qualify as a Distingushed Shooter in one shooting season (the first being Col. William W. McMillan in 1954) by winning 3 Silver Medals and 1 Gold during the 1987 Shooting Season.

During that same summer, Russell was part of the team which won the All Service Pistol Championships in Nashville, Tennessee and he was ranked #32 at the National Championship Competition at Camp Perry, Ohio where he was honored to become part of the "President's 100".

Russell was given orders to the permanent Marine Corps Pistol Shooting Team immediately following the match.

Stationed at Quantico, VA Russell shot every day at the range, whenever the team was not traveling extensively to participate in matches around the world or training personnel on the then brand new service pistol at bases all over the continental United States, Hawaii, and Japan.

While attached to the Shooting Team, Russell attended many prestigious shooting and armory schools, such as the Mid-South Institute of Self-Defense Shooting, Gunsite - the American Pistol Institute, the Chapman Academy and SIGARMS Academy.
After leaving the Marine Corps, he settled in South Carolina where he has been working as a Sheriff’s Deputy for the Spartanburg County Sheriff's Office for the past 20 years. He is one of the Range Officials at both his local department for yearly qualifications and also assists at the South Carolina Criminal Justice Academy where he's a Marksmanship Instructor.

Throughout his extensive shooting career, Russell has never stopped hunting all over the United States for both large and small game. His entrance into video productions to promote his game call company has allowed him to create, video and produce the most extensive shooting dvd ever presented to the shooting and hunting industry.

“I hope you will find my dvds to be the most comprehensive and informative videos you’ve ever watched. I work very hard to make sure that I cover every aspect and leave nothing out. In addition, I’ve taken great pains to test, use and trust the products I sell on my website and hope that you will have faith in my knowledge and experience when I say that these are the products that will get the job done! I want everyone to be shooting a sub one-inch group!” – Russell Lynch

where accuracy & performance is the only option